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Roadmap to Restoration

Water damage can be a scary experience. This "Roadmap to Restoration" will walk you through the process from beginning to end. 

1. Assessment

After you call us, we will come to your home or business and assess the situation. We will use a moisture meter to determine the levels of moisture and establish a plan to prevent further damage. 

4. Drying Out

Next comes the dehumidifying or drying out phase.  We will strategically place fans and industrial dehumidifiers to remove moisture.  The drying process is strickly monitored and equipment placement adjusted to quickly and evenly restore moisture back to acceptable levels.  This process takes approximately 3-4 days, depending on severity and how many rooms are affected. 

2. Debris Removal

Our team of professionals will carefully remove any debris not salvageable and properly dispose of it. For items we can successfully save, we carefully and respectfully remove your items and store them until the completion of the project.

5. Sanitizing

Making your home safe is of the utmost importance to us. As we work, we will set up air scrubbers to clean and sanitize the air.  Depending on the severity and type of loss, the surfaces will be disinfected per IICRC S500 cleaning standards. 

3. Water Removal

Once all the debris is removed, we will then use several professional tools to remove water from your home.  This can include water extractors, industrial dehumidifiers, high-powered fans, and air scrubbers. 

6. Restore & Repair

At this point your home or business will be fully dried and ready for any repairs.  We will do a final moisture reading and assessment.  Once the levels are safe and acceptable, the drying phase is complete, equipment is removed, and the repair phase will begin. 

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